Warranty & Refund


On every part that you purchase through our website or through any sort of our intervention, we straightaway offer you 30 days warranty. The Warranty starts right from the date the product is delivered to you. In case, the part that you ordered is not required, you will be charged 25% stocking fees and one-way shipping charges.

You will get the rest in the form of a refund. Any returned part, if found defective, would not be subject to further refund process. It is the customer’s responsibility to ship back the part on its expenses and the amount won’t be reimbursed. We don’t provide or cover the labour cost under any condition.


Any part you want to return must be returned within 30 days of the date of the delivery. The 30 Days Warranty policy we have mentioned above is applicable to all the parts if returned after 30 days you are not liable for any refund. The spare part should exactly be in the same state as it is delivered to you. If any part is opened or not in the same condition, the part won’t be accepted under our return or refund policy.

Any refund or return will only be accepted only by a call made by you to us. Once you get confirmation on call by our team, the part must be delivered (Returned) to us within 7 days.

The refund will only be processed when the returned part is verified successfully.


The Spare Part (s) that is/are shipped by the dealer/manufacturer listed on our site holds borne responsibility of the Part. The final bill doesn’t hold any hidden charges and no charges for non-freight items will be quoted. 25% restocking fees will be charged from the customer for the part dispatched by us and not accepted by the customer.

Similarly, the customer is liable for the part if it is found damaged during the transit to our location. The damage severity will decide the amount to be refunded to the customer. The customer must have a commercial location or business address for the freight item to be shipped and delivered to that address. Else, the location should be easily accessible to the 16 or 18-wheeler truck.

GENERAL TERMS: Shipping and Delivery

For a freight item, it is customer’s responsibility to unload the freight from the delivery vehicle. So, the customer has to accommodate unloading machine on its own. 101 Auto Parts will quote and charge the amount of the unloading machine on behalf of the company if company arranges it for you.

It would initially be $125. It is the customer’s duty to show the acceptance and provide the location to the delivery module. If this important part is skipped in any case, it is the customer’s responsibility to pick the part from the nearest store/terminal or proceed according to the agreement. The customer can also reschedule the delivery but the delivery in that case would be chargeable.

101 Autoparts doesn’t entertain delivery to any location out of USA. However, for an item to be shipped in Canada, it is the customer’s liability to pay border fees which would, to be exact, be 30-40% of the cost of the part. It is a non-refundable fee that goes directly to the government.

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