Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy that we have made available is to provide proper online security to all the sellers and buyers. We have also made sure that all users have proper privacy while working on and taking service through the website.

The information that we use:

We carry out various business function like delivery of the spare part, like delivery of the spare part, order fulfilment and we also contact other companies to perform such operations on behalf of us. These companies may have access to the required information that is needed to perform such functions but it is also necessary for them to keep this information safe and secure, confidentiality should be maintained for this.

Providing information to the third-party is a part of the completion of the process. It also depends on what mode of payment you select to make payment. The mode of payment you select which includes credit card, debit card, internet banking or any other mode that is used to bill a specific transaction for which you submit the information or unless otherwise disclosed.

The payment information that you have made available to us is stored with us for a specific time period on our secure server. It helps in responding to the responding to the enquiry of the customer and refund processes.

From time-to-time, you may be asked by 101AutoParts or given the opportunity to participate in surveys and/or contests on our website or through the link provided by us. To participate in the contest/survey, you may be asked for certain identifiable information from our website. It is completely your own will to participate in the content or survey. Therefore, you have the choice of making your information available to us and/ or to others or not.

101AutoParts may also use non-personal, aggregate information for any purpose that we think is necessary for us. For an instance, to improve our service quality and our website standards, we may use your non-identifiable information that is provided to us. However, in such circumstances, we don’t disclose any such information with any third-party or vendor.

There may be cases that 101AutoParts is acquired by any organization or company. There may also be a possibility that 101AutoParts comes with the partnership with any organization or company to continue and improve the business of 101AutoParts.

To know more about Privacy Policy, you can directly connect with our Team via our Toll-Free Number Call Now: 1-800-890-5764 and our team will get back to you with all information that you may require to know about us.

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