How it works?

It is very important to have an inventory of fully functional spare parts of the vehicle: that is exactly what we do. We, through our dealers and sellers in used salvage yards, garage or junk yards prepare and maintain inventory. This inventory helps us to gather the information about available, used, unused, vintage, and quantity of the spare parts we have.

Our inventory contains from every small part to every large part for the vehicle that comes to the Yard. Our Salvage/Junk Yard Dealers, rather than keeping the Vehicles, focus more on keeping all the functionally sound spare parts (Used and fully functional) available through our website.

We update and track inventory on daily basis for cross-references so that any buyer can quickly check what it can get from which yard. Whether it is Junk Yard, Salvage Yard or Junk Yard: all the yards are location specific so that the buyer can also visit conveniently or use any other mode to set up communication with the nearby yard on the basis of the location.

Just input specific details in the Search option to narrow down the search and get the desired result every time for the Spare Part (s) that you want.

All the Yards take out all Useful Spare Parts from Wrecked, Junked, or Unwanted Vehicles. These used auto spare parts are then refurbished and sold to the buyers.

Every spare part that is taken out of the cars goes under certain quality checks to ensure performance and working stability. These spare parts, after passing the quality checks, are posted on our website along with the numbers (quantity). Any buyer, when visits website and narrows down the requirement of the spare part, it can see the availability through our website. The user can also get the information like address and contact details of the dealers/sellers.

To know more, you can also call our representative. They will happily provide you with all the information that you need. Just call us at 1-800-890-5764 and get detailed information from our representative.


1. How can I locate the nearby store to make a purchase?
A: Our Search option tracks buyer’s location using the GPS system and accordingly provides the information about stores near the buyer

2. What is the guarantee of getting the right spare part?
A: Every spare part that is taken out of the used vehicle is thoroughly checked. Stay assured of the spare part that is available to you through the website. In case, you don’t get the right spare part (function wise), you can get in touch with the seller again without any problem.

3. What spare parts can one find on the website?
A: You can easily find spare part of all the 4 wheelers or more and heavy transports. All the parts will be kept in a different specific category so that no customer finds it difficult to collaborate with the seller.

4. Is the service available throughout the world wide web?
A: The Website has .com Domain but the services services are available only in the USA.

5. How spare parts are differentiated?
A: Every spare part is kept under a particular category. Following things are checked to put a particular part in a particular category: Year of Manufacture, Brand and Quality of the spare part. Only then the category of the product is decided and put under this.
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